Hands on Hips

This is an original vase painting called Hands on Hips by Avi Ben-Simhon. It is very colorful, minimal and happy art!

Size: 70×110 cm or 27×43 inches

Includes gallery Certificate of authenticity and Appraisal


This artwork by Israeli artist Avi Ben-Simhon is a woman shaped vase painting named Hands on Hips. It features three vases, fashioned in the likeness of women. Within each vase, there are sunflowers, pomegranates, and purple flowers, bringing out a wonderful contrast in the colors. Avi Ben Simhon is a prolific painter of vase and flower pot paintings in different sizes, hues, and themes; each one carefully crafted to bring out exquisite beauty and joy. This original piece is hand-signed by the artist. Please contact us for more information on Avi Ben Simon’s artworks.

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