Tribute to Keith Haring (4 dancing figures)

This is an original dancing figures sculpture by LovArt that is a Tribute to the famous pop artist Keith Haring. It is made out of cast aluminum and hand painted. Read below for full description.

Size: 210×30 cm / 82×11 inches

Includes gallery Certificate of authenticity and Appraisal


This is an original pop art sculpture of 4 dancing figures that is a Tribute to Keith Haring. It is made by two Israeli artists who are working together in a project called LovArt. LovArt combines contemporary pop art and Jewish Hasidic themes. The sculpture is made from cast aluminum and is hand painted.

In the words of the artists:

Inspired by his characters, which have become global symbols of contemporary art and have
permeated widespread cultural and consumer dimensions, the project is a delicate combination of ingenious simplicity and human expressions that are beyond color, affiliation or identity, and
represent a refined essence of being.
It is a perfect and complementary point of connection between two opposite ends –
Hasidic spirituality and universal humanism.
Transforming the two-dimensional characters of Haring into a three-dimensional sculpture deepens its meaning and gives substance to imagination and space for creativity.
The combination with the heart motif transforms the artist duo’s homage into an artwork that opens new horizons in contemporary pop art sculpture.

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