Pomegranate Menorah

This is a beautiful handmade Menorah by Efim Levin. Read below for full description.

You can use oil cups or regular candles with this Menorah.

Includes gallery Certificate of authenticity and Appraisal


This is a beautiful handmade Silver Pomegranate Menorah by Efim Levin. It is made from Silver, Copper and Brass. There are 7 Silver Pomegranates on the Menorah. It contains Garnets and Blue Topaz Jewels. ThisĀ  handmade Menorah is completely unique meaning that there is only of its kind in the world. The artist never makes his Judaica artworks exactly the same. The design on this Menorah is extremely complex with different layers to show the ancient city of Jerusalem, Jewish symbolism and more. The “wall” behind the candles contains amazing Tree of Life designs. Efim Levin creates his Judaica in the holy city of Tzfat. Check out more Judaica from Efim Levin today!

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