Old City of Jerusalem

This is an original Oil on Canvas painting by Avi Ben-Simhon of the Old City of Jerusalem in his colorful and playful style.

Size: 110×85 cm or 43×33 inches.

Includes gallery Certificate of authenticity and Appraisal


Avi Ben-Simhon, a renowned Israeli artist, created this beautiful piece of art that portrays the Old City of Jerusalem in all its glory. This painting differs from other Old City artworks due to its unique and fun style, making it stand out amongst the many Jerusalem paintings that are commonly found in Israel. This captivating Jewish artwork showcases the wonderful architecture of the historic buildings in Jerusalem, highlighting the warm and vibrant colors that reflect the city’s holiness. The painting’s intricacy allows the viewers to experience the history and cultural diversity of the city. This is a very special and unique piece of that is hand-signed by the talented artist himself, Avi Ben-Simhon. Anyone who is lucky enough to own this magnificent artwork would cherish it for a lifetime. Make sure to check out our extensive collection of Avi Ben-Simon artworks now! This artwork ships worldwide safely and securely.

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