Together in Harmony

This is one of Avi Ben Simhon’s famous flower pot vase paintings. A simple flower pot or vase under Avi’s brush becomes a whole world of feeling and color.

Size: 70×110 cm or 27×43 inches

Includes gallery Certificate of authenticity and Appraisal


This is an Abstract Vase Painting by Avi Ben-Simhon. It is an original oil collage painting of very colorful flower pots or vases that look like they have a life of their own. The vases hold peach colored flowers. Avi Ben Simhon loved painting vases or flowerpots in many different ways, color and shapes. Sometimes the colors represent different seasons or feelings. Sometimes the vases have an abstract or old look to them. Each of these unique flower pot vase paintings are very beautiful and each one is different. This piece is also hand signed by the artist.

Avi Ben-Simhon is one of the most famous Israeli painters. His fun, warm and inviting paintings are represented in many galleries all over the world. Sarah’s Tent Gallery in Tzfat holds one of the biggest collections of original Avi Ben-Simhon artworks. See more Avi Ben-Simon paintings now!


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