Abstract Princess

This is one of Avi Ben-Simhon’s famous oil collage woman portrait paintings. A colorful and beautiful Abstract Princess.

The size is 110×70 cm or 43×27 inches.

Includes gallery Certificate of authenticity and Appraisal


This is the Abstract Princess painting by Avi Ben-Simhon. It is one of the many woman portraits that he has done in his unique style. The medium is very thick paper that is almost like a board but a bit thinner and more flexible. Avi’s oil collage paintings use a very special technique that he developed. First he layers magazines and newspaper clippings and paints over that with oil and uses clear acrylic paint to bring up certain colors, pictures and words from the clippings. He does this at certain points of the painting to add new dimensions to the artwork.

Avi Ben-Simhon is one of the most famous Israeli artist, represented in over 100 galleries worldwide. His paintings are a mix of unique colors, extreme textures and joyful subjects creating very imaginative imagery that is very warm and inviting. Make sure to check out our extensive collection of his original artworks. Contact us to learn more about Avi Ben-Simon paintings!

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