Abstract Horse

This is an original painting by Avi Ben-Simhon called Abstract Horse. Read below for full description.

Size: 110×70 cm / 43×27 inches

Includes gallery Certificate of authenticity and Appraisal


This is an original painting called Abstract Horse by famous Israeli painter Avi Ben-Simhon. The horse is next a palm tree. It is painted using Avi’s famous inverse collage technique. The colors that you see in this paintings come from clippings of magazines that the artist layered and then painted over using a special acrylic paint. One can also see certain headlines and pictures from the magazines “seeping” though the layers. If you look at where the horse meets the tree you can see a woman’s face. Text about Bam Margera and Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie are in different areas of the painting.   The artwork is signed by the artist and ships worldwide.

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